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Self-Management Capacity Building

Self-Management Capacity Building focuses on training, life skills, and self-improvement activities to help you live as autonomously as possible. This journey can look different to everyone. For example, capacity building could include finding suitable accommodation or a job opportunity, or even learning a range of organisation skills.

Support Coordination - Level 2

We find that many participants have never been asked this question. And that’s okay: that’s why we’re asking it.

By asking them this simple question and working through their answer, we can then tailor a program to suit their needs and goals. We don’t waste time, and we mean what we say. It’s really that simple.

Specialist Support Coordination - Level 3

If your situation is more complex or you’re in a crisis situation and need specialist support, we can help. The aim of a Specialist Support Coordinator – Level 3 is to reduce barriers that impede in your full ability to use your NDIS plan.

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