Self-Management Capacity Building

“How can we help you live an independent life?”

Some NDIS participants know what they want, but they don’t have the resources or help to get there. That’s where we come in.


Self-Management Capacity Building focuses on training, life skills, and self-improvement activities to help you live as autonomously as possible. This journey can look different to everyone. For example, capacity building could include finding suitable accommodation or a job opportunity, or even learning a range of organisation skills.


We leave it all up to you. And doesn’t that feel empowering?

How does Self-Managed Capacity Building work?

We give you choice and control over your plan by building the skills you need to live it successfully.


This support item provides participants with the flexibility to purchase services to strengthen their abilities, as well as the assistance to self-manage their funds and supports.


It can be delivered to individual participants subject to the rules set out in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits. As well as direct service provision, Self-Managed Capacity Building can be used to claim for:

  • Non-Face-to-Face Support Provision
  • Provider Travel
  • Short Notice Cancellations


We understand that it can be overwhelming to navigate the NDIS processes, which is why we’re here to help you. Is Self-Managed Capacity Building right for you? Speak to us today about your options.

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