we can all live an

ordinary life

Define your ordinary.

NDIS Service Provider Melbourne


Extraordinary is grand, but the details and small moments of your every day is what furnishes fulfilment. We’re all ears: define your ordinary, and we’ll help put support structures in place so you can live well. As support coordinators and specialist support coordinators, we connect you with mainstream and NDIS-funded providers and navigate the paperwork, practicalities and bureaucratese from your corner.


I collaborate with you, your family, plan nominees, legal guardians and providers. Together, we design a support model for individuals wanting more choice and control over their life. Support coordination is about helping you make informed choices based on your unique abilities and ensuring you utilise the full scope of your NDIS options. We act for your independence, to educate and empower you to choose what you want your life to look like and then make it possible.

Our Services

Self-Management Capacity Building

We teach you or your carer how to manage your NDIS plan. Fluent in four languages, we cut through dense and developing information to deliver clear, practical direction.

Support Coordination: Level 2

Without assumption, we find out what support looks like in your world. Then, we empower you to make optimum choices and tailor a program to meet your needs.

Specialist Support Coordination: Level 3

We experience the nuance of your life and discuss your complex requirements. This tailored approach offers a more extensive level of nurturing than Support Coordination.


‘Sunitha’s knowledge of the NDIS scheme helped me navigate my plan and cut through the confusion. Her thorough attention to detail made it easy to complete my job as an occupational therapist.’ – Jennifer Ngyuen 


Empower all

There’s beauty in choice, and we believe everyone deserves to experience that joy and freedom.

Person-centred always

We walk in your shoes to form more meaningful connections and better represent you.

Lifelong learners

We’re always finding new ways to ensure you get the most from your funded support.

Embrace diversity

This is a safe space for humans of all disabilities, ethnicity, gender, age, race, sexuality and religion.


Collaborative, responsive, adaptable, and proactive, we champion your independence. Passionate about diversity and inclusion, our services are for everyone. We know the value each provider brings based on insight into how they treat people, their process and outcomes. Always transparent about our expectations and recommendations, we back your goals.

The NDIS is a fixed, finite framework. Support coordination is the heart and ingenuity that makes the framework work for you. 


NDIS is the vehicle, but a vehicle alone doesn’t move. We provide the fuel, the battery, and all the moving parts that put you in the front seat and ultimately drive you to your destination. We build and maintain robust relationships with multiple like-minded stakeholders to deliver optimal outcomes. Your NDIS plan is consequential. We hear you and respect you and the trust you put in us.


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